Current PhD Students

  • Hamza Haruna

Current MS Students

  • Kutlu Erman Ozgil: Question answering using AI
  • Hatice Nazli Kus: Student performance prediction using machine learning
  • Engin Tureli: Ontology-based product categorization using machine learning
  • Sedat Akel: Optimizing the Training Algorithms of Machine Learning using GAN Networks
  • Tarkan Eyerci: Product defect detection from reviews using machine learning
  • Hacer Dogan: Identifying and removing objects from video frames
  • Omer Sarikaya: Cryptocurrency price prediction

Current Undergraduate Cap Stone Project Students

  • AirBnB Price Prediction (Melisa Yildiz, Selin Kaya, Rana Gurcu Deliomeroglu, Merve Karakaya)
  • Sentiment Analysis of the Feedback from Airplane Passengers (Merve, Irem)

Sample Undergraduate Cap Stone Projects

Graduted MS Students

  • Yusuf Kursat Tuncel - Application Layer Packet Processing using PISA Switches, 2021
  • Baransel Saginda - MS Thesis: “Deep Learning Based Anomaly Detection on System Logs Using Time Differences”, 2020
  • Selim Surucu - MS Thesis: “Measuring Political Polarization Using Big Data: The Case of Turkish Elections”, 2020
  • Betul Bayrak - MS Thesis: “Evaluation of Graph Embedding-based Reasoning Over Knowledge Graphs”, 2020
  • Mehmet Murat Erol - MS Thesis: “Temporal Video Segmentation”, 2019
  • Mustafa Karasolak - MS Thesis: “Matching composite drawings and mugshot photographs to determine the identity of the person”, 2019
  • Inas Mudhere Raghib Kafi Al-Kamachy - MS Thesis: “Classification of diabetic retinopathy using pre-trained deep learning models”, 2019
  • Merve Duman - MS Thesis: “Automatic identification and measurement of antibiogram analysis”, 2019
  • Mohanad Ali Gashot - MS Thesis: “A comparative analysis of video summarization techniques”, 2019
  • Hamza Haruna Mohammed - MS Thesis: “Multi-label classification of text document using deep learning”, 2019
  • Mustafa Nahedh Hasan Al-Janabi - MS Thesis: “Digital video stabilization using artificial neural networks”, 2019
  • Nazlı Nazlı - MS Thesis: “Analysis of machine learning-based spam filtering techniques”, 2018
  • Onur Goker - MS Thesis: “Spam filtering using big data and deep learning”, 2018